[OPE-L:2351] the transnational working class?

From: Gerald Levy (glevy@PRATT.EDU)
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 13:32:08 EST

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Re David's [OPE-L:2349]:

> (snip) an article by William I. Robinson and Jerry Harris,
> "Globalization and the Transnational Capitalist Class" (snip)
> and puts forward a serious proposal for evidence for the progressive
> transnationalization of class power (as distinct from
> internationalization).

(I am interpreting "progressive" to mean "increasing" in the sentence
above rather than progressive politically. I hope we can agree in the year
2,000 that the "transnational" capitalist class is not progressive
politically! Do we so agree?)

I think, though, that Hugo's suggestion in [2348] (btw, Hi Hugo! I'm glad
to see you took the plunge!] concerns the *working class*.

Related questions to Hugo's (tying it in with the above) might be:

* Is the working class, and are working class struggles, becoming more
  transnational or international? Relatedly: how do we interpret the
  difference (if any) between transnationalization and

* How has the globalization process changed the nature of the working
  class and working-class struggles? Relatedly: what is a definition of
  "the working class" appropriate for the current period? Relatedly: how
  can struggles themselves change the identity of the working class?

* What are some of the most important contemporary struggles by the
  "transnational" working class? Are these struggles only defensive in
  origin? I.e. are they only responses to Neo-Liberal policies (btw,
  perhaps we should have a discussion re the meaning of "Neo-Liberalism")
  or have they other aims?

* How are the struggles by other non-capitalist social groups and
  movements related to (or even a component part of) global working-class
  struggles? Relatedly: what are the obstacles to building working-class
  unity and solidarity? Relatedly: how can these obstacles be overcome?

Are these some of the types of questions that you would like us to
address, Hugo, or am I off target?

In solidarity, Jerry

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